O&O SafeErase

O&O SafeErase 14.2

Permanently erase files from hard disks to prevent recovery

O&O SafeErase is a program designed to enhance your privacy by completely deleting sensitive files that are stored on your computer. In addition, the program also has a variety of functions that help you prevent identity theft, by scanning and helping your remove files that contain personal information, like passwords and financial records.

Unlike removing data by pressing the delete button, SafeErase permanently removes files so that they can’t be recovered. The program gives you the option to remove files, entire folders, format partitions, and get rid of temporary Internet files that have been tracking your information. You can also use the program to free up wasted space, format the entire system (including OS and data), and delete unnecessary temporary files.

SafeErase runs in the background as it scans selected disks. Once the scan has completed, you will be able to choose which files you want to delete. You can choose to delete individual files, certain file groups, and or remove all files. Once you have finished, you will be given a report summary of the files deleted.

SafeErase is a reliable solution to safeguard your PC, especially if you have a lot of personal information on it that can be exploited through malware. The free trial version of SafeErase can be evaluated during 30 days.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Efficient solution to safely remove files from your PC
  • Lets you remove files, entire folders, format partitions, and even the entire system
  • Adds an entry to the Explorer context menu
  • GUI is user-friendly


  • Some modules are not available in the trial
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